The art of writing as the voice of a land and its traces

Cesare Pavese

Cesare Pavese

Santo Stefano Belbo is inseparable from its most illustrious and representative citizen: Cesare Pavese, the author of Lavorare Stanca (Hard Labor) and many unforgettable works dedicated to his native land and his people.

Cooperativa Vallebelbo Cesare Pavese

When wine is tradition and sentiment

Dedicating a collection of wines to Cesare Pavese was both a heartfelt act and a duty: a small sign of recognition for a man who more and better than anyone was able to tell the story of the secret and noble soul of a people and draw attention to a territory that was not very well-known at the time. The selection of wines in the Cesare Pavese collection by Vallebelbo was intentionally created in the traditional manner but features a label with light and colorful nuances, a complementary combination, just as the best sentiments should be.

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