Moscato and its colors

Lever du soleil

Lever du soleil

Moscato d’Asti lever du soleil, result of the sunniest and most delicate grape, is the perfect synthesis of the narrative. It is the meeting point between the land and the people who contribute to the life of the Vallebelbo Cooperative.

Unique delicacy, moscato in a nutshell

Maybe never was the name of a wine more fitting to a concept. Dawn as synonymous with all beginnings, just as Moscato for the history of Vallebelbo represents the present and the future of many days to come. This label has always played an iconic role in the recognition of Vallebelbo Cooperative in Italy and around the world, but only now, after much thought, have we dedicated a name to it. It is called lever du soleil, an inspiration born after a professional trip to France, which, although home to some inimitable great wines, envies our Moscato for its uniqueness and delicacy.

Moscato d'Astidenominazione origine controllata e garantitaLever du Soleil