Cooperativa Vallebelbo sede storia

from our fathers to today

History is written by people and ideas

A community of 160 families that, through decades of work, commitment, and vision, has created a virtuous and sustainable business model.

Still today, after sixty years, the Vallebelbo Social Cooperative continues to be a point of reference for its member community and for an important agricultural area of Piedmont.

Page of history and life through rural and social development

The Vallebelbo cooperative offers valuable support to its members, helping to maintain and promote winegrowing in an ideally suited viticultural area. Tradition and innovation come together to enhance the future of our youth and families in a community linked by a common purpose and unifying goals.

Cooperativa Vallebelbo vendemmia storia

Our Founding Fathers

When it all began.

The Vallebelbo Cooperative was founded in 1956 by a group of winegrowers from the Valle del Belbo, united by the desire to improve their working and economic conditions and promote the wines of the area.

These men helped create an important business opportunity for the Valle del Belbo area, and they left a rich legacy for future generations. Their story proves that cooperation and a shared commitment can be a unique and extraordinary driving force for improving the living and cultural conditions of an entire territory.

Cooperativa Vallebelbo Gabbiette Spumanti

The Family Grows

The economic boom of the '70s

The economic boom of the 1970s had a tremendous impact on the Vallebelbo Cooperative and shaped its future evolution. During this period, the Cooperative recorded significant growth in its membership and the number of bottles produced, also due to an explosion in the popularity of Moscato d’Asti.

In fact, at the beginning of the ’70s, the cooperative had 50 members, but towards the end of this decade, members numbered 150 and approximately 2 million bottles were being produced.

Cooperativa Vallebelbo vigne moscato

The Best Grapes

The '80s, or the consolidation strategy

The Cooperative developed around the flourishing Moscato d’Asti market, which was the main driver behind its growth. In the meantime, they began to export wines throughout the world. At the same time, during this historic period, the Cooperative began to invest in the relaunch of Barbera, the red wine that would become the true symbol of this Piedmont winegrowing area. This strategic diversification subsequently defined its focus and the production practices that are followed still today.

Cooperativa Vallebelbo bottiglie

A Stronger Identity

Present day: the new challenge

In an increasingly globalized and competitive world, we believe that the cooperative system can play a fundamental role in terms of professional opportunities. We are convinced of its positive impact on the social integration and development of the community, as well as on sustainability in its broadest sense. For this reason, today we feel more important than ever, and we are prepared to face complex current and future challenges by supporting the economic growth of the territory and protecting our surrounding environment.


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