The truest peasant soul

We are aware that quality is not only the result of technology application, but above all is the transformation of an excellent raw material, the grapes.

Therefore, Vallebelbo has equipped all the grower partners with qualified agronomic assistance, in order to keep control of the cultivation of vineyards, too.

The goal is to guarantee the correct management of the vines, aimed, on the one hand, to have better and better grapes and on the other hand, to reduce the costs of cultivation and the use of anti-cryptogamic treatments.

The peasant tradition has merged harmoniously with technology, and artisanship and the passionate pursuit of excellence are managed with commitment and entrepreneurial mentality.
This is why Vallebelbo is a company capable of telling the truest peasant soul.

Excellent bunches come to the cellar, to be processed exclusively following the strictest rules; the wines that have been generated for years are synonymous of one of the most authentic expressions of Piedmont.