Cooperativa Vallebelbo botti

Shared social responsibility

Our values reflect our growth and evolution

The perfect combination of tradition and technology in winemaking, the Vallebelbo Cooperative tells the story of the purest love for the land and farming through the direct and complete management of the entire production chain.

The Vallebelbo Social Cooperative is a body committed to operating in a truly sustainable and responsible manner. Its values are transmitted and passed down by the many families that are involved in operational decisions on a daily basis.

Guided by our values

Since the beginning, our business activity has been oriented towards common values that distinguish us in the sector. Guided by a strong sense of mutual respect, we have laid the foundation for a sustainable and virtuous future.

Identity, awareness, connections, and responsibility

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Cooperativa Vallebelbo persone
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Cooperativa Vallebelbo paese

An agricultural and artisanal spirit reflected in all of its wines

The agricultural, rural, and artisanal identity of the Vallebelbo Cooperative is inextricably rooted in its history and culture. The members of the Cooperative are professional growers who cultivate their vineyards using ancient Piedmontese winemaking techniques. Each of the various grape varieties within the Cooperatives winemaking heritage require different types of care and attention to reach their full potential. Therefore, exceptional sensitivity and dedication are needed to understand and tend to the fruits of nature.

A large family composed of winegrowing families

The members of the Vallebelbo Social Cooperative are bound by a strong sense of community and belonging. This form of human and professional solidarity constitutes the true inherent power of the Cooperative: the strength to endure and overcome the economic difficulties typical of a large-scale business. Sharing positive results as well as adversity is a core value that helps create a sense of community that is not found in other business models.

Territory and a winegrowing tradition: a unique story

The connection of the Vallebelbo Cooperative with its territory is reflected and represented in all aspects of its activity. The first significant example is the fact that the company uses only grapes cultivated in the Langhe according to techniques handed down by Piedmontese viticulture. Living in a territory is synonymous with deep cultural awareness and knowledge. It involves being immersed in its diversity and peculiarities and transforming them into distinctive features. This is the noble task entrusted to us and that we wish to leave as our legacy.

Social commitment to the community and its winemakers

Every day, the Vallebelbo Cooperative acts with a strong sense of responsibility towards the community of the territory. The company is committed to sustaining the local economy, promoting the winemaking culture of the area, and protecting its environment. These important values involve a responsible approach towards all the stakeholders of the production chain, aimed at ingraining a general sense of respectful equity that will reverberate through the social system and the various activities required to develop the business.

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